Unique at Wrlife health insurance!
No increase with age, the premium when taking out does not grow with age. (if no claim)

In the event of a claim of less than $10,000 during the insured year, the premium will be increased by 3% for
for the next 3 years, if claims exceed $10,000, the premium will increase by 3% each year.
If there are no claims, the premium remains the same.

*** Cheapest Health Insurance outside Europe ***

1. No age restriction.
2. No medical examination.
3. Easy to pay, per month, quarter or year.
4. Own risk possible.
5. Free covid-19 coverage.
6. Coverage from $1,000 to $2 million.
7. Hospital, Outpatient, Dentist and Optician cover possible.
8. Emergency Center [24 hours] in Bangkok (English and Thai language)
9. Chat online 24 hours a day in case of emergency.
9. By hospitalization, the insurer pays the bill. You don't have to pay anything.
10. Choice of all hospitals.
11. Office abroad.
12. Very cheap.

Coverage possible in all countries of the world except:
Afghanistan - Canada - Korea - Syria - United States of America and Surrounding Islands - US Territories - Russia

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