Claim settlement (updated 30-11-2023):

If you contact a hospital or are admitted, please mention ASSIST INTERNATIONAL SERVICES under this name Wrlife is known by all hospitals in Thailand.

Emergency Center Thailand
Emergency call center (24 hours in Bangkok (English and Thai language) +66(0)953697939 mobile for emergency

You will hear an answering machine:
The default language is English
press 9 = Thai language
press 1 - accident
press 2 - You have been admitted to hospital
press 3 - Information about your claim
press 4 - Administration

Landline: tel +66(0)27197831, fax +66(0)27197830

Emergency Center London - England
Emergency center (24 hours) in London (English) 24 hours via free hotline in Thailand +66(0)20260616

Inpatient care or hospitalization
In the case of inpatient care, you must give your insurance card and proof of insurance to the medical staff before your admission so that they can contact ASSIST INTERNATIONAL SERVICES or call one of our emergency numbers.
In case of hospitalization (Inpatient) the platform immediately pays the hospital after Wrlife has received the medical treatment report which is sent to us by the hospital.

If the hospital does not send the medical report in time, does not have time to do so or has any other reason why Wrlife does not receive the medical report, the patient must in that case advance the payment himself. So it is of primary importance that Wrlife receives the medical report as soon as possible.

Non-urgent hospital admission
In the event of a non-urgent hospital admission, prior permission from Wrlife is required.
The insured must submit the application with the treatment details and the amount by email to: and wait for a decision.

In case of outpatient treatment or if the medical report is not received (or not received on time), the insured advances the payment and sends it to
What does Wrlife need to pay your claim within 7 working days if the information below has been received.
Hospital bill - Medical report - Bank details - Home or office address
1/ Detailed medical report with all data of the insured
2/ Itemized bill of treatments and medications
3/ Bank details
4/ Address
5/ In the email to, put the MDI number in the subject at the top right of your insurance certificate.


If all information is not received in one email, the claim will not be processed because information is missing.
An uncompleted claim cannot be processed
Claims submitted more than 3 months after the incident will not be processed.

In case Wrlife is only an additional insurance:
Should the customer contact their primary insurance.
Pay the hospital bills yourself and then submit all documentation and receipts to WRLIFE (see above)