We are a small-scale aid organization that offers help to the Dutch and other Europeans outside Europe.
The foundation tries to achieve its goal, among other things, by offering help to detainees, education, the elderly, the sick, lonely, as well as offering help with social problems, (health) insurance and help in general for Dutch people outside Europe.
In consultation with the people themselves, possibly together with their close family, friends or a care provider, we determine what is needed in terms of help, guidance and support.

'Stichting Nederlanders Overzee' is not a broker or intermediary, but plays a role as an independent recognized advisor at the insurance company "Wrlife".
'Stichting Nederlanders Overzee' is not responsible for the agreement between the prospective policyholder and the insurer "Wrlife". 'Stichting Nederlanders Overzee' is a non-binding advisor and both the prospective policyholder and the insurer "Wrlife" indemnify 'Stichting Nederlanders Overzee' against all consequences that may arise from any agreement.

Stichting Nederlanders Overzee

Vd Duyn van Maasdamstraat 69

3118LC Schiedam Zuid-Holland Nederland

K.v.K - nummer: 66027195

RSIN: 856363996 - SBI-code 88992 

Maatschappelijkwerk - Hulp voor Nederlanders buiten Europa.